Vendor Fees

Large Farm (5-6 Tent Spaces)-- $110/week

Medium Farm (3-4 Tent Spaces) -- $80/week

Small Farm (1-2 Tent spaces) -- $50/week

Specialty food vendors, non-produce farmers (meat/cheese/eggs) -- $50 for a 10 x 10ft space/week

Roslindale Village Businesses/Local Nonprofits/Community Groups --$30 for a $10 x 10ft space/week

Art, craft and other vendors -- $50 for a 10 x 10ft space/week

Non-profit organizations outside of Roslindale-- $50 for a 10 x 10ft space/week


Payment Schedule

If accepted, payment can be made online, by check or by money order. Checks should be made out to Roslindale Village Main Street. 

  • May 14th – Deadline to receive payment for market dates: June 2rd – August 18th

  • August 1st – Deadline to receive payment for  market dates: August 25th – November 17th

If you apply and are accepted after the season begins, you will be expected to make payment upon receipt of invoice for the weeks you were accepted. 

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