PLC Events

                                Saturday, July 29 - Explore the Eastman CE
                               Saturday, August 12 - Explore the Rice Preserve, Lyndeborough
                               Saturday, August 12 - Hike the Hedgehog Trail, Deering
                               Saturday, September 9 - Paddle Deering Lake, Deering


                           The following events have their own, separate registration forms:

Saturday, August 26  -  Rose Mountain Rumble Bike Ride (RMR)
                              To Register for the RMR, visit

                             Monday, September 4 - Lobster by the River 
                              To register for Lobster, please CLICK HERE

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By registering for an event, you accept the terms and conditions of the  liability statement below for yourself and your guests.

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Liability Statement

The Piscataquog Land Conservancy (PLC) offers events to allow people to connect with our environment. Individuals participating are responsible for their own safety, and for knowing and respecting their own physical capabilities and limitations. Your event registration indicates that: you assume responsibility for yourself and any guests accompanying you, you agree to follow the instructions of the Trip Leader in order to minimize risk, you understand that the Trip Leader and/or any PLC staff present are not necessarily trained in wilderness rescue, first aid, or emergency medicine, and are present only to provide cohesion to the group.