Vendor Fees

Farms -- $50 per 8 x 8ft space (Maximum limit of 3 spaces)

Specialty Food -- $50 per 8 x 8ft space, $25 for 4ft x 8ft (4 ft table)  

Roslindale Village Business --$30 for a $8 x 8ft space

Art, craft and other vendors -- $60 for a 8 x 8ft space

Non-profit organizations -- $40 for a 8 x 8ft space

  • December 15th – Deadline to receive payment for all market dates.

If you apply and are accepted after the priority begins, you will be expected to make payment upon receipt of invoice for the weeks you were accepted. You will also incur a late fee of an additional $5/day per space. If you wish to set up an alternative payment plan, submit your proposal in writing to the market manager.

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